Farmermobil® is based in Laer, Germany. The owner Franz-Heinrich Veltrup has a track record in farming products.  


For animal and man

With the future-oriented approaches in mobile animal husbandry, farmermobil® has two main aims:

  • The animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner
  • The farmer gains more time for his animals through a high degree of automation of the mobile stables and can take care of the animal welfare.

Hof Stratmann is a farm shop near Bottrop. Look at the Facebook site for their experience with the farmermobil® and their unique point of sale. 

Great compliments to the maintenance and marketing of the site. 

The Boerdereitje specializes in selling fresh farm eggs directly from the farm. Besides eggs they sell potatoes, onions and organic fertilizer pellets. Their Facebook page shows how the farmermobil® will be put together after delivery. If you want to see the Farmer Mobil we ask you to make an appointment with our company.

If you are driving from Arnhem (NL) to Oberhausen (DE) you see down on the highway, a farmermobil® in the meadow in front of the Köster family farmshop.

We have started to keep chickens on the only way we can imagine:

... with lots of space in the barn and changing pastures because we want the chickens to go well.

... with GMO-free feed and without additives of dyes in the mixture, because we want the eggs "like with Grandma" taste.

... and you can convince yourself of this at the Hen-Hof-Management every Saturday at 3 pm, we look forward to your interest!   

Thus, the Köster family.

Delivery of the FM600 from farmermobil®, our own production at the company headquarters.